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American Native Issues


To be vanquished and
yet not surrender, that is victory.
Josef Pilsudski



This remains an excellent source for news
from all around American Native Country.

Native Web News Digest


October 2008

Two recent news stories are offered here today:

a huge decline in Mohegan Casino Gambling profits

and the Bush's padding of the family assets.

The story about the Bush's should come as no surprise to

anyone who has watched this family for the past twenty years:

Bush Family Cleaning up on Land Transfers


September 2008

There are so many awesome advances being made

today in renewable Alternative Energy,

as with this new Native Company started

recently by Native musician Lightfoot:

Native Company Launches Wind Energy Project


So why then, are Native People still being terrorized

by dirty power companies?

This is an excellent encapsulation of the Power

struggle many Nations have had

to deal with for too many years.

Coal and Native American Tribal Lands


October 2006

This letter was received from a friend dear

to Walkingfox and I several days ago.

It is posted here without alteration or permission.

Please respond to Chief Van Dunk and

support them if you are near enough to do so.

From: Anthony Jay Van Dunk
To: Ramapough Lenape Indian Nation
Subject: Protest on October 13, 2006
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2006 21:45:04 - 0400


Show we still want Justice for the Death of Emil Mann
and the unfair prosecution of Otis and Katlin Mann!!!
Rally for Justice, We are not Targets.

Friday, October 13, 2006 at 12:00PM 10 Main Street
Hackensack, NJ 07601
US Eastern District Court, Room 10D, 10th Floor

EVENT: a press conference and rally/peaceful demonstration. Drummers, singers,
speakers, friends and allies of native peoples welcome.

STOP the attack on native peoples and make justice fair.

PREVENT burying of the facts and the delay!

BE THERE to show support in person. We need to fill the Court Steps to make our message heard.

Help is needed! Sign materials, bottled waters, and monetary donations are appreciated.
We will make signs on Wednesday evening at the Ramapough Lenape Indian Center
189 Stag Hill Road, Mahwah, NJ 5:00 PM.

*We will begin to gather at 12:00PM on the plaza.
Please be prompt so we can show our strength to the government.

**Please bring paper/cardboard signs or cloth banners.


Anthony Jay Van Dunk
Tribal Chief
Ramapough Lenape Indian Nation


January 2006

An update.......

Over the weekend, I called a close friend and asked him to

double check on the validity of the disturbing story below.

I had a strange feeling when I did not see an author for the story,

but not the time to do any in depth searching

before leaving for the weekend.

He sadly advised me that the terrible story

found at their web site was a complete fraud.

It would seem that this paper named The Onion writes parodies,

something not obvious to me when I read

just that one particular story last week.

My thought is this.

What kind of humor could anyone,

especially any American Native in this country find

in that story after the way that we have been

decimated by outsiders for the past 300 years?

And as an animal lover,

I am also curious as to how funny it would be to these

persons if someone killed their beloved pet?

What a very sad way to make a living.

I sincerely apologize for any pain that this false and

terrible story may have caused anyone,

I was in a hurry to leave for the Coast and

did not stop to verify the accuracy or

source of the story as it had been forwarded

to me by a very close friend whom I trusted.

Something that I will never do again.

January 2006

Several issues are causing concern to Native people right now.

The first is the story of a Cherokee man and his family in Georgia who

have been evicted from their home and shipped off to Oklahoma.

It would seem that there is a hundred year old law in Georgia which

allows the local authorities to evict Indians from their homes and send

them packing to a Reservation. Not sure where the law says that it is also

fine to murder their pets, but this was also done to this particular family.

Their very disturbing story can be found here:

Area Cherokee In Violation


The second issue which is written very well is here:

The Indians Are Coming


And lastly, don't forget to keep your eye on Lobbyist, Abramoff,

who is spilling his guts out in Washington right now.

He will probably not do jail time, but if he does,

hopefully he will take many down with him.

The story about him is here:


They just cannot resist the juicy carrot dangling

in front of their mouths called Casino money.

March 2005

After months of silence, it seems apparent that there

are subjects in need of discussion.

A time long ago when I was a child, there was an innocence to the world

and things and people were usually what they appeared to be.

But it is a different world we live in now and sometimes it seems that there

are not many who still care about the old ways of honesty, integrity and dignity

and even fewer willing to stand up for these things and do what we know is right.

It would seem that many of us have become instant gratification junkies,

whose function in life is simply in what new pleasure we can buy.


What is prominent in news about American Natives this week,

"the news", what an awful place to gather information,

is that we, American Natives,

have now become political fodder for the Government.

They all choose sides and then as was the case with

Former Governor Dean of Vermont, Senator Lieberman

of Connecticut and many others, they reverse sides

when the subject concerns Natives

and the terrible "R" word.



In many parts of this country today, American Natives

are being told that they are not really Natives

and many who have been given either State or

Federal recognition are having it revoked.

In Vermont, Abenakis are fighting for their very being as

Native people in an uphill battle with a doubtful outcome.

In the Iroquois Nation, Traditionals are being pushed

aside so that those who favor Casinos

may be seen as the new face of their people.

The words ID cards and numbers are being thrown

about and Native people everywhere

are pointing fingers and calling those

who do not have them not "really Natives".


As we travel this land we see and hear things

that are distressful and even alarming.

It would seem that many Natives are on a path

with only two possible outcomes,

neither of which are acceptable to some of us.

The one side pushes for Recognition, Casinos,

Tribal ID numbers and cards and the monetary rewards

they believe will accompany it, the others shun

this fearing that the evils of gambling, Casinos

and Government controls will surely bring

heartbreak to all who succumb to it.


Something we had not considered until it was recently

pointed out to us by a Lakota Traditional

who will never read this,

because he "doesn't do computers"

is that the blood quantum percentage system

that the Government currently uses to categorize

"card carrying Indians"

is really just another form of Genocide.

As each generation marries and has children,

unless they only marry full bloods,

what ever that means, the amount of blood quantum

will continue to decrease until finally,

just as was planned, American Natives

will have eliminated themselves completely.


So, as we watch, Nations of Native people are lining up

and taking sides, as are the politicians.

Where will the journey take us all?

The Ancestors are watching and waiting for us to get it right.

December 2004

For those who have offered kind letters of support over the nearly

8 year tenure of this web site, this topic may be somewhat alarming.

So, I am offering this as a warning for any of you with your own web sites.

What has happened to me could happen to you.

Recently, I received a series of emails from a company called Register.com.

At first, the letters seemed confusing and somewhat vague, but by the fourth one,

I began to feel a sense of urgency and finally responded by calling their 800 number.

It would seem that someone out there liked my web site so much,

that he had initiated the process of taking it.

Now you may be inclined to disparage this at first, but please do not.

I am quite fortunate that Network Solutions, the company who has held my

domain name/web site since its inception, had done something with out my knowledge,

that may have saved me a great deal of heartache/heartbreak,

they had put a lock on my domain name/web site.

For those of you not familiar with the terminology, this is meant to prevent

would be internet thieves and hackers from taking a domain name/web site

and moving it to a new Host and claiming it as their own.

This person identified in the emails from Register.com as Eric Kuckuk,

this may or may not be his real name they said,

is trying to steal what I have spent many years of my life creating, my web site.

Now, anyone who knows me would tell you that this is a big mistake, on his part, HUGE!!

I am not only Native, but Irish and Scottish as well and this combination

of genes makes for a person who can be stubborn beyond sensibility.

I have no intention of losing my web site to this or any other fool because of

the new rule from ICANN that went into effect November 12,

saying that if a web site is not locked, it is free for the taking.

Representatives from both Register.com and Network Solutions have indicated

that this new rule may cause trouble for many poor unsuspecting people.

It appears that few if any domain/web site owners have been alerted to this new

rule and the possible impact it might have on them by those thoughtful people at ICANN.

Web site thieves are now able to move unlocked web sites to new homes

and then hold them hostage, until their owners pay them to get them back.

This would be blackmail, right?

Nice move on the part of ICANN.

So, I offer this advice to those of you out there with domain names/web sites

that you have spent many years creating and nurturing,

get them locked up, keep them paid up and keep your eyes open.

And my advice to you Eric Kuckuk, or whoever you are,

"go build your own web site".

November 2004

Now that the Presidential elections are over, many American Natives must

learn to cope with a future that will certainly include four more years

of neglect for our environment and our people.

So, it is time to return to the issues that some of us face everyday in our lives.

These may seem innocuous at first, but perhaps not after considering all the facts.

Over the past three years, we have participated in events called pow wows

all around the country, many of which have had a communality in their

complete lack of respect for Traditional Native people and their culture.

A few examples follow without making reference to who or where:

At the top of this list would have to be the use of alcohol and drunken brawls

taking place on Reservation grounds by the nation putting on a pow wow.

Another was an MC whose disparaging remarks and dictatorial

attitude nearly spawned a riot and ended a pow wow.

A group of paratroopers landed in the middle of the circle at one pow wow

and in another they shot off rifles during the Veterans dance.

At a recent "pow wow" a so called "Spiritual leader" led a group of non Native

into a circle, where they were given the opportunity to participate in not only

a sacred pipe ceremony, but also the four directions prayer inside the circle.

Earlier that morning, a costumed caricature had been dancing

around in this circle entertaining the crowd.

This same circle was "blessed" so many times that weekend,

that it became a joke to the Natives who were there.

What bothered most of us was the fact that these non Natives, right off the street,

were in a circle taking part in what should have been very private ceremonies

done either very early in the morning or late in the day and always before

outsiders or non Indians were around to observe, let alone take part in.

Incidents like these have been happening all over Native Country,

as noted in this interesting story from October 5, 2003 in Native Press:

Native Beliefs for Sale

cont., October 2004

I regularly receive emails from non Natives all over this country and even the world,

who want me to tell them how to perform sacred pipe or sweat lodge ceremonies.

I am not qualified, nor do I wish to suggest, that I could attempt to do this.

Lately, it seems that people are becoming Medicine men nearly overnight,

carrying silly fake staffs with Turkey feathers into circles and

putting their hands on people telling them that they are "healed".

Others who are not even qualified are giving people their "Native names".

MC's are sitting at microphones insulting the non Natives who come to the

pow wows and blasting them with hate and venom from the 300 years past.

No wonder attendance is down at many pow wows in this country.

Why would anyone want to pay to go to an event where they are verbally battered.

The news story above speaks of selling American Native culture,

but we are not selling it, we are allowing it to be stolen.

Non Native groups all over this country are putting on pow wows and

profiting from Indian culture, forming committees of non Natives with perhaps

a single token Native and then bringing in a few Natives to perform for the crowds.

What follows is a parody at best.

All weekend long at these pow wows, non Natives are led to believe

that what they are seeing is what American Natives are all about:

the dollar pipes, rubber snakes, bows and arrows from Taiwan,

the face painting and a myriad of imported goods being sold

by people who are supposed to be "real" American Natives.

The wealthy Casino Nations put on elaborate extravagances that draw

thousands of people, but what happens there is mostly all about

the huge sums of prize money for the drums and the dancers.

The tiny poorer nations and there are many of them, struggle to put on

a pow wow each year hoping to keep their culture and traditions alive.

Few outsiders come to these "little" local pow wows and even fewer support

them in their vigil to maintain their Traditional Native culture.

If all that we are left with in this country are the non Native and Casino pow wows,

Traditional Native culture may rarely be seen by the outsiders

whose support we will desperately need if we are to secure its future.

Because they are the majority in this country and they elect the politicians,

as was just witnessed by this Presidential election,

who make the laws that will determine our future.

In the end, no matter how many brilliant American Native lawyers we have,

they have many hundreds more.

What is at stake for them is the usual, money.

What is at stake for American Natives is a way of life.

October 2004

As the Presidential election approaches,

the TV ads are getting nastier.

Tonight Cheney and Edwards will debate?

What a strange term for what will actually occur.

The last debate was mostly about dirty looks

and did very little to enlighten the undecided voter.

Neither man came away looking like a strong leader,

but each was probably assured by their people

that they had done a superb job.

Too bad we can't just take away all of the rules and

posturing and make this a real battle of wits.

These are after all two Yale graduates, so they should be

able to make intelligent conversation, right?

Would we be able to learn more about who these two men

really are without their staffs to shield them?

Hard to say.

This is probably the most important election of my life

and I plan to vote next month.

I hope that every person in this country whose family

and lives have been affected by the

current administration will also do the same.

A new ad by Robert Redford can be found on this web site:

NRDC Action Fund

It is about our environment and the way that

the Bush administration has treated/mistreated it.

Hopefully, you will find the time to review this commercial and

then do whatever your heart and conscience dictate.

But what ever you do, please vote in this Presidential election.

If you don't, then please do not complain about the way things are,

because you will have done nothing to try to make them better.

September 2004

The Presidential campaigns are now fully engaged,

each side making the usual promises,

but saying little new to those without jobs, money or in some instances, hope.

We must forget the past, forget Florida, the hanging chads, the blocked polling places,

the crooked politicians, the lies, deceit, fraud and ultimately the bitter disappointment

felt by all of those in this country who did not vote for Bush.

All of the terrible things that happened in the 2000 election are now a part of history.

We need to change policy in this Country, we must take back our Government

and the way to do this is to VOTE in this Presidential election.

Staying away in disgust in November, will only guarantee that the present

administration will be kept in place and continue unabated.

Your right, your privilege to vote came at the cost of many thousands of lives

and their sacrifice must not be in vain.

It is your duty as an citizen of this country to do one thing in November,

please for all of our sakes, please VOTE!

July 2004

Freedom of Speech is not really an American Native issue,

as we have had so little of it over the past few hundred years.

But now, the apparent lack of it in this season of heated Presidential politics

 makes it evident that if you are not a supporter of the current administration,

 you should and will be silenced, one way or another.

Linda Rondstat, Whoopi Goldberg and before them, the Dixie Chicks were all

rebuked for pretty much the same reason, they publicly objected to the way

this country is being run and the person and persons doing so.

This dangerous precedent now set in motion must make those

who may share their opinions wonder where it will end.

The fact that they are all women, may or may not be part of the equation, however,

one thing is clear, these very opinionated women were punished for their opinions.

What does this mean for the rest of us as the November elections draw near?

Should we all be afraid to speak out against this President

and his behavior for fear of reprisal?

As the winner of the last election was eventually determined by illegal voting

and counting procedures, one wonders if the outcome of this election

will become the victim of threats of retaliation, implied or real?

Only we can change the course of this country and we must do so with our vote.

June 2004

The Oneida Indian Nation has become, as have many others,

divided between those who favor Casinos and all that comes with them

and the Traditionals, who seek to keep the old ways of the Ancestors.

The current situation in New York with these strong and proud people,

has two sides and both must be known to understand what is happening there.


Please see both of these web sites to learn more:

Oneidas for Democracy

Oneida Nation

May 2004

This may not seem like a American Native issue

to you at first glance, but consider this.

In Utah, there exists a pristine place called Nine Mile Canyon

and there is a plan to invade this area that has been the safe home

to Ancient Indian writings or petroglyphs for thousands of years.

You may read the whole story here:



The purpose of this proposed intrusion is for oil exploration.

Our country is now so terribly dependent on cheap energy,

that we have become what I refer to as fuel junkies.

Very few people have been willing to pay the higher costs for solar

and or other sources of renewable energy until now,

but perhaps this current situation may help change that.

As the current gas prices get higher and even become

unavailable in some places, wait and watch

what we become like in this country again.

Anybody remember the gas lines of the 70's?

Some gas station owners here in Connecticut are now simply hanging up

closed/no gas signs and are switching to other business that might

actually allow them to make a living unlike selling gas, as in auto repairing.

The point of all of this is this.


The present administration of this country has continued to

threaten every part of this Continent with oil development,

from Alaska to the Rockies, or any place that might produce oil or gas.

Mr. Bush, his family and close friends are all quite well invested

in 4 major categories of stock: oil/fuel, war/weapons, energy and beef and

the value of these particular stocks has skyrocketed over the past three years.

Mr. Bush and his group of investors have all made huge fortunes

and we are paying the bills, in both dollars and lives:

Oil land leases consolidated among big, White House-tied companies


The current plan to run amuck through Nine Mile Canyon

with it's fragile treasures of Ancient Indian Writings would hardly

bring a raised eyebrow to this man and his fellow investors, but I fear that the

worst may be in the future for any area that Mr. Bush may be able to profit from.

The energy disaster 2 years ago in California was eventually blamed on Enron,

a company very close to Mr. Bush and as California has never been very cordial to him,

 Bush in return, showed little concern for the millions there who suffered from this.

February 2002

For nearly three years since moving here to Connecticut, I have driven up Route 395

and sadly observed the use of the word Squaw for a road that passes over it.

After the many recent events in this country regarding the use of logos,

mascots and this shameful word, it is amazing to me that not one Native

in this state, to my knowledge, has objected to the name of this road

or even suggested that it should be changed to something else.

Am I the only one here who finds the continuing use of

this word for public place names reprehensible?

Are we in Connecticut not as forward thinking as those in the state

of Maine who banned the use of this hurtful word nearly 2 years ago?

November 2001

A National Day of mourning at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts

UAINE leader Wampanoag Moonanum James (far right with Sachem Walkingfox)

photos by Donna Jones


Once again this year Walkingfox and I spent this day of mourning, or

Thanksgiving as it is known to the rest of America, in Plymouth, Massachusetts,

participating in a remarkable day of solemn prayers and passionate speeches,

on Cole's Hill followed by a quiet march to the top of Post Office Square

to learn about the brutal history of this place and Metacom or King Phillip.

The day ended with a wonderful dinner graciously served by our UAINE hosts and

was enjoyed by all who had come to lend their support to this groups endeavors.

You can learn more about UAINE and the truthful history of Plymouth

and its Indians here:


The press release below was just received and
is posted in its entirety below my comments.

If these events were taking place anywhere but in America,
we would have already sent in troops to protect
the innocents from these thugs and bullies.

However, it is happening in American Native Country
and thence the dilemma, or non dilemma.
We must defend the rights of the First people to
inhabit this continent, to maintain their culture
and their ancestral homes.

Please contact your local congressperson and inform
 them that this kind of behavior is unacceptable
for any country to be imposing on its inhabitants,
but most especially for one which boasts of
its support and tolerance of individual rights.


August 27, 2001

From: Black Mesa support

Press Conference Called to Address




Due to the crisis resulting from the destruction

of a sacred sundance site, Camp Anna Mae at Big

Mountain, Arizona, and continuing threats being

made against the civil and religious rights of the

people involved in those spiritual ceremonies, a

panel of civil, traditional and religious leaders will

be holding a press conference at 6 p.m. on Aug. 29, 2001, 

at Little America, 2515 Butler Ave., Flagstaff, Arizona.

On Aug. 17 at 5:30 a.m., the Hopi Tribe's Land Team,

with assisitance from the Bureau of Indian Affairs

and the Navajo County Sheriff's department, raided

the Camp Anna Mae sundance site with up to 60

officers, a bulldozer, a backhoe, chainsaws, and other

equipment. Heavily armed for their assault, they

brought ambulances along.

Without warning or warrant, the ceremonial site was

invaded. The sundance tree was torn down and

shredded, the entire site bulldozed, including the sweat

lodges, and two people were arrested and taken to jail

for interferring, even though there was no proof given

of the legality of the action. In view of the ongoing

conflicts between the Navajo and the Hopi Tribal Council

and the potential this incident presents for an

escalation of violence, this is a matter of great urgency.

We sincerely hope that you will attend this press conference.


For More Information contact:

Berta Benally




Black Mesa Indigenous Support (BMIS) is a group of individuals acting to support the sovereignty
of the indigenous people affected by mining activities on Black Mesa, who face forced relocation,
environmental devastation, and cultural extinction at the hands of multi-national corporations,
and United States and tribal governments.


November 23, 2000

Thanksgiving Day in Plymouth, Massachusetts,
a National day of Mourning for American Natives.

Sachem Walkingfox at the Thanksgiving Day gathering at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts.

photos by Donna Jones


This was our first trip to participate in this annual event.

It was a bitter cold day, but we were warmed by the spirit of those

all around us who had come here today as we had, to lend support

to those who maintain this vigil every year to assure that all Americans

are aware of what the true meaning of Thanksgiving is for America's Native people.

October 27, 2000

Forgive my obvious ignorance or perhaps,

just lack of political awareness,

but why is Ben Nighthorse,

according to Mother Jones News,

in their July 28th article/story about Tribal Politics,

the only American Native in Congress?

If there are American Natives on the Ballot in November,

I sincerely hope that we will vote for them and begin

a process of correction to this obvious dismal state

of non-representation for Native people in this country.

You may also wish to read the disturbing story in Mother Jones

which reveals that although many Tribes are being

offered their sacred property back by Museums,

this may not be an entirely healthy prospect

as these same artifacts have now become poisoned.

October 13, 2000

This letter, which was received this week, is posted,
with consent and without editing.


blessings people of conscience i want to let those who care know that families at big mountain are suffering extreme hardship right now. bonnie whitesinger has asked me for assistance. food, children's clothing and cash are urgently needed to meet her family's basic needs. please help in any way possible. her address is: bonnie whitesinger p.o. box 1073 hotevilla, az 86030 helicopters have been harassing the people and a few weeks ago, one landed on a sacred site with 6 armed rangers getting out and walking around before they got in and took off. there is need for a permanent peace camp for human rights observers to be of service to the resisters. please contact me for more information: frontlinemom@yahoo.com livestock impoundment crews are at it again and confiscated some of jesse biakkedy's animals a few days ago. don't forget the people struggling to defend sacred land!!! in peaceful struggle, swaneagle hariajan

Additional thoughts from this same source are here:

bordertown murders

September 18, 2000

This eloquent poem was received in a letter yesterday

and as the content of it is reflective of many others

received over the past year, with the authors consent,

the letter and the poem are included here together,

in these beautiful words from Africa.

September, 2000

A tidy "official" press release from the BIA's Kevin Gover.

This long overdue and much needed apology is a

small step in the direction towards addressing over a

hundred years of abuse and neglect of Native Americans

at the hands of the US government.

August, 2000

An online petition requesting a National Holiday

for America's Native people has been forwarded to me,

please read it and respond if you are in agreement.

It has a few flaws, as do most of us,

but it is a very important start in the right direction.

All further updates to the Squaw issue in Maine,

will be posted here for easier reading.

The ongoing struggles of the Elders on the Navajo Reservation

continue to dominate the news in Indian Country.


This home page for the Black Mesa Support Group,

has a wealth of information about the Dineh people.

February, 2000

The first issue to be addressed on this page,

is one that is most important to both

Sachem Walkingfox and I about a hurtful word.

Kind permission was given by its author,

Paul Carrier, of the Portland Press Herald

to share this vital story about hurtful words.


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to tahtonka.com


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